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Ezekiel's Wheel's On Stage!

Every person and piece of gear gets their own page. Just click on any instrument or person!
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Korg A5/Roland GR-300 Guitar Synth/Alesis NanoSynthYamaha WX5 Midi Wind ControllerYamaha WX5 Midi Wind ControllerYamaha WX5 Midi Wind ControllerOberheim OBXk Keyboard ControllerMoog Taurus XL (MIDI-fied)!ART X-15 Ultrafoot controllerRoland GR-700 Guitar SynthEmory StagmerAllen MyersRyan ThomasEd EdwardsAlvarez Yari DY-76 12 stringHofner Beatle BassKramer Focus 1000 (highly hacked)Peavey MK IV Bass/Hartke 2-10 CabS-300 Guitar/Fender Deluxe Reverb/Art SGE/Roland GM-70Drums!Roland G-808 Guitar Synth ControllerEd's Custom Telecaster has been exchanged for the G-505Rickenbacker 4001 BassLincoln Fender Jazz Bass clonePeavey Classic 30/Carvin 4-12 CabEd's  RackEd's Keyboards (Yamaha AN1x,Korg O1/W Pro FD)Sound SystemSound SystemListen to MusicBack out to the whole club