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TV in my Coffin

Ed Edwards

I wanna be buried with a TV in my coffin
That's the only way I wanna go,
Cause when I'm buried with a TV in my coffin,
I can watch the Late Late Show.
Chorus 1
Now I know all the other stiffs for miles around
Would hear my coffin when it goes down,
Deep inside that cold, cold ground,
But when they see the dark of day,
All the other stiffs will say,
"He's the luckiest stiff around!"
I wanna be buried with my Gucci leather boots on,
That's the way I want to go down,
Cause when I'm buried with them Gucci leather boots on,
I'll be the talk of the ground.
Chorus 2
Now I know all the other stiffs'll say,
"There's a stiff who knows the way!"
When they see them two-tone leather sides.
But when the springtime comes,
And all the water runs,
I know my shoes'll help the grass grow high.
I wanna be buried in a tie-dyed psychedelic coffin,
With a nice light show on the top,
Some laser beams on my psychedelic coffin,
That would blink and whirl and never stop.
Chorus 3
Lotsa pictures of my favorite stars,
A set of Matchbox cars,
Two hundred dollar bills in my hands,
I guess I'll be livin high,
Cause I ain't really sure why,
Or if there is a master plan.
Lead break, repeat last 'Lotsa pictures' chorus, repeat verse 1