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Freeway Dog

Ed Edwards

Freeway dog
Runnin for his fun
All along the freeway
Tryin to catch the sun
Freeway dog
All alone at night
Duck in all the alleys
Hidin from the light
Freeway dog
Runnin with the pack
Steals all his glory
Never gives it back
Freeway dog
Won't accept a pat
Life is like a truck
Make yo head go splat
    Freeway dog Can't you see
    Treat'n Jesus love Like you do a tree (2x)
Freeway dog
Livin fo today
Don't need any help
Doin life your way
Freeway dog
Thinkin that you're free
Think you got no chain
Takin what you see
Freeway dog
Barkin real loud
Showin all your teeth
Talkin real proud
Freeway dog
Bitin all yo friends
Life is what you grab
Don't cares that it ends