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Ezekiel's Wheel's Songs

Lyric Sheets: (instrumentals follow...)

NOTE: All songs copyright UnTied Music and by their respective authors...
Always Got Time (to wait for you)
Call on Your God
Time to go Home
Man in the Glass
Yesterday's News
We Love Him (because he first loved us)
Really Wanna Know
TV in my Coffin
Freeway Dog
We are One in the Spirit
Hold On!
The King is Coming
Nothin' to Say
You're Always Right
Like I Said
Come Know the Savior
I'm God's Prophet (Don't you believe it!)
You Don't Know Him
Fisher of Men
He is Our Friend
If I Knew...
Kevorkian Machine
Psalm 73
Sinner Blues
Modern Day Superman


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Ezekiel Chapter 1
Ezekiel's Wheel
The Baltimore Breakdown
Occlusion Included (live)