UnTied Music's 3D Printed Items store

All Items incur a $6 shipping and handling charge for up to the first 6 items (since they don't weigh much and we can fit that many in a box!).

'Finger Doumbek' Drums

Digital Drum Kit! $5 for all 'STL' files of the drums for 3D printing at home.

This design is licensed to the buyer to print their own drums on their own 3D printer. By purchasing you agree not to sell the drums you print.

Email for digital delivery

4" Doumbeks $10


 5" Doumbeks $15

With Handle?

 7" Doumbeks $20

With Handle?

Drum Kit! $45 for Off White or Red, $75 for GLOW IN THE DARK!


Satellite Models

LADEE $4 + $6 shipping

LADEE Model Click for bigger picture...

MAVEN $4 + $6 shipping
(Bright Red only - hey, it's MARS people...although actually it would look good in my Dark Red - email me if you want one in another color...)

picture coming!

LCROSS $4 + $6 shipping


LCROSS ModelLCROSS 5th Anniversary Models Click for bigger pictures...

Audio Gear

Nakamichi Battery Inserts
(I'll send you 3 for $10)
9V uses 1)CR2 and 1)A544
12V uses 2) A544

The 9v option is available if you want to run the mics at the default voltage / output level.

According to reputable sources, these mics are designed to handle up to 14V.  I run mine on 12V all the time now that I found that out; the output of the mic is hotter and I only have to stock 1 type of battery.

Nakamichi Microphone Insert

Nakamichi Windscreen 'Fix-It' Rings
$10 each, but if you want more than one, send me an extra $1 each.

These 3D printed rings allow you to fix broken windscreens for CM-100 and CM-300 microphones.  The thin rings in the middle of these windscreens are fragile and after 30 years the plastic is degraded.  These rings let you get your windscreens back on your microphones!