Sinner Blues

Ed Edwards


Heard about this Jesus,

And I wanted to know more.

They said all I had to do

Was knock upon His door.

At first I felt a little fright

But the Holy Ghost is all so bright

I'm gonna try with all my might

To love you Jesus.


So - Take away these sinner blues,

And make me a Jesus saint.

You might have a hard time with me Lord,

'Cause educated I ain't.

I know that I am quite a sight

But I'm gonna make it thru the night.

Look out Satan, I'm gonna fight,

For my lord Jesus.


Gave my life to Jesus,

And peace just does not end.

He has given me real joy,

And He is my best friend.

I read the Bible every day,

The Spirit helps my heart to pray,

Here is all that I can say:

That I Love Jesus!


He took away those sinner blues,

And made me a Jesus saint.

I know I can serve my Lord,

'Cause a hopeless sinner now I ain't.

Well I know I am quite a sight

But I am makin it through the night

Look out Satan, now I fight

For my Lord Jesus.