Psalm 73 (I Lead a Righteous Life)

Ed Edwards

I lead a righteous life,

I try to be that way,

I get no promotion, and I'm gettin lousy pay.

Chorus 1

I'm tired of waitin',

And I think I'm hatin'

Seein all those bums

Gettin up in life ahead of me.

Well that guy over there,

He doesn't even care,

He steals from the boss, and the boss is unaware.

That girl down the street,

Her car can't be beat,

Cause she dates her boss, and he sure treats her sweet.

Break 1

Now maybe there's something wrong with the way I'm thinkin',

All them evil folks are fornicatin' and drinkin'.

They all seem to have such fun.

They feel no guilt when they're done.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm not havin that kind of fun, too.

When I get jealous,

Of them evil things,

I forget about the spirit,

And the joy that He brings.

Chorus 2

He keeps me waitin',


Thinkin 'bout the things

That the Lord has prepared for me.

When I get uptight,

And things ain't goin' right,

I remember God made the day and the night.

This is the reason,

We have to suffer here,

When God seems far away, our prayers bring us near.

Break 2

Now I know there's somethin wrong with the way that I'm thinkin',

All those evil folks will be gone even while we're blinkin',

They won't be here after judgement day,

Now I know we all will say,

"But as for me, it's so good to be near my God!"

Instrumental break