Ed Edwards


When your troubles seem to build up

Like you'll never see your way through,

There is someone waiting there who will give his hand to you.

When time seems long and empty,

And never coming to an end,

Call on your Lord, Jesus, He's your never ending friend.


He's your Savior, He's your Rock,

He knows your time like a ticking clock.

Everything that seems bad works for good through Him.

He's your Savior, He's your King,

If your thoughts are low just let your bells ring,

The stones themselves would shout if we didn't sing.


When you're sad and lonely

And it seems there's no one around,

Call on your Lord Jesus and He will be found.

When trials come thick and heavy,

And you're sad and blue,

Call on your Lord Jesus, and He'll see you through.


When you find you're suffering;

Suffer then for Him.

Through suffering we persevere,

If we persevere we win,

Perseverence produces character,

Character produces hope,

Hope won't dissapoint us,

With Jesus we have hope.