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The King is Coming

Allen Myers (10-5-94)

You know the king is coming
You'd better make straight your path and prepare him the way
You know the devil's cunning
You'd better stray from the traps that he'll put in your way
The king shall prevail
and every knee shall bow before his glory
Know without fail
that it's the fool inside your heart that tells you
There's always time to wait
Haven't you been told he's gonna be a long time coming back
There's no time to hesitate
If you don't change he's gonna come when you turn your back
Oh yeah... oh....
You know you must be ready
For he will return like a thief in the night
And let your eyes keep steady
And keep oil for you lamp that it may keep burning bright
The plans have been made
Will you follow them or be left stranded
The stones have been laid
Will you build on them or be unplanted