Ed Edwards


We piped for you and you would not dance...

We cryed for you and you would not mourn...

He's giving you every, every chance,

To come to Him, and be newly born.


A man came to Earth just to love you,

He didn't come to hurt your pride,

He came to Earth just to die for you,

And kill the sin we all have inside.


This man looked no different than me or you,

But He could heal the sick and raise the dead,

He spoke words that could give life to you,

But you must get them through your head.


He said there's nothing we have that's good,

Nothing that can impress Him,

He told us all that we should,

Realize that we all have sinned.


He gave us freedom, he gave us fun,

He's asking you to baalieve in Him,

The war with evil He has won,

But it's up to all of us to let Him in.

Chorus (about 6x!)