He is Our Friend

Ed Edwards


Hello, my friend,

How have you been?

What has been happening while you weren't here?

Let's just talk now,

And remember how,

Jesus is saving the world through us here.


He is our friend, He's here to the end

He loves us and keeps us and holds back the foe.

Give Him your will, your strength He will fill,

And He will be with you wherever you go.


Here is the way the Lord says life goes:

We will have troubles and trials and woes.

While we are here, we're to be of good cheer,

And cast our cares on Him because we know that:


We are His feet and His legs and His hands,

We do his work here and throughout all the lands.

We face many fears, and the enemy is near,

But we know He's with us in spite of their plans.

Chorus (2x)