Fisher of Men

Allen Myers 3/31/93


Can you make me a fisher of men?

Led by the Spirit You send

For it's clear Jesus Christ knows the ways of God

And I want to be following Him.

He is love. He is love.


Lord I hate what I do, I hate that I sin.

If there were only a way I could be more like you.

Lord I try to do good, but I stumble and fall.

When I try to walk righteous I come to a wall.

When I try to turn back to goodness once more.

When I fall I'm in worse than I was before.

God I need your strength to make a new start.

Lord I pray Your Son Jesus COME INTO MY HEART!

I belong. I belong. I belong. Now I belong...

We are called to be fishers of men

To bring Good News unto them

You've been loved from above, so love each one

As God loved you to save you from sin.

He is love. God is love!