Don't You Believe It

Ed Edwards

Hey there Brother - I got somethin to say.

I'm God's prophet, I know the way.

You don't know Jesus the way that I do,

And I got a special message for you.

Well I know Jesus - We're real tight,

I'm someone special, I've got the light.

A special annointing's been given to me,

And I can see things that you just can't see.


He told me all about you (Don't you believe it!)

You ain't confessed your sin. (Don't you believe it!)

He said you're full of doubt. (Don't you believe it!)

You haven't received all of Him.

You'd be well and healthy, (Don't you believe it!)

You could be like me. (Don't you believe it!)

No more poor, you'd be wealthy, (Don't you believe it!)

If you had faith like me.

I've got a nicer life than you,

It's because of my faith, I'm better than you,

You'd have no problems, you'd be free,

If you had a righteous life like me.

I'm God's annointed - This I know.

I'm His chosen man - It's fo' sho'.

You send all your money to me,

And I'll tell my buddy, God, to set you free.