Come Know the Savior

Allen Myers

Intro: Classical, then Rock
Come Know the Savior of Israel; drink from His living well
For those who drink from the well of life shall never thirst,shall never die
For God loved us so that He did give His only Son to live with men
He chose to die that we may live with Him forev-er
Come know the King of Jerusalem; take your cross, follow Him
For through Jesus Christ we're no longer slaves of our sins, of the grave
For Christ shed his blood, crucified, He tasted death, only to rise
If we believe then we can share in the glory of His name:
The Chosen One, The Only Son, He is the King of all Kings;
and Lord of Lords, above all things, He is the Source of all Love;
the Word of God, the Sacred Dove, the sacrifice for all sin,
Justified through His blood, He reigns over all God's Kingdom
Turn and repent before you die for it comes in a twinkling of an eye
And God will call all things to Him, He will judge in the end,
   in the end,
      in the end,
         in the end...