Your're Always Right

Ed Edwards

When we disagree, there's little room for doubt,

You won't be satisfied to just sit there and pout,

You'll get all the armys of the earth to stand and aim,

You won't be satisfied till I take all the blame:

You're always right.

The atmosphere's thick and full of doubt and pain,

I know that you won't speak unless it's to complain,

You hide behind a wall that seems of super strength,

But it's all jello and you're weaker than you think:

You're always right.

I stopped and waited to see if you'd come my way,

I said I'm sorry and I walked away to pray,

That was on Saturday and two months have passed by,

I'd have more success if I'd flap my arms and try to fly:

You're always right.

It's very hard for you to stop and just back down,

If the whole world would dance you'd still sit there and frown,

For if a rock the size of France fell on your toe,

If someone asked you, "Are you hurt?", you'd still say no:

You're always right.

There's nothing I have said that ever could be wrong,

For I'm so sure I'm right I even wrote this song,

I have such wisdom and my mind is clear and free,

I wish the whole world could be more like me:

I'm always right.

Well now, it seems we're getting nowhere here,

Maybe the Bible says something to make it clear,

It says there's no one righteous, No Not ONE,

So we should listen to God's Loving Son:

He's Always Right!