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UnTied Music now up on Pond5!
Pond5 is the premier site for audio and video clips for any project.  We have rocket launch audio, music, and sound effects!

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

(This link will take you to the top of Pond5 with VAXHeadroom (Emory Stagmer) as the referrer.  Clicking on the image to the right will take you to our uploads.)

Pond5 waveform
3D printed object store!
We've added a variety of Finger Doumbeks and several spacecraft models!
3D Doumbek Kickstarter 
Emory appeared on Spacevidcast's shows 3.29, 3.33 and hosted several talks at SpaceUpDC. Here's the embedded videos from Spacevidcast's Youtube channel.

Note: Spacevidcast is now known as TMRO! (pronounced "Tomorrow")


Emory's available for public speaking engagements and here's an interview on SpaceVidCast (now TMRO)!
Support TMRO on Patreon!.

Please take a look at our YouTube Site!
You can also follow Emory on Twitter at @VAXHeadroom

Wolgemut LIVE!

UnTied Music has had the great privledge to work with Wolgemut on 2 projects in the last few years. In the summer of 2007 we did a disk of live music from Pennsic XXXV (2006). We also recorded 2 concerts in 2007 and 2 more in 2008 and a 5th in 2009 at Pennsic, and Wolgemut now has a NEW LIVE album!

20 Years!

OK, so UnTied Music hasn't been in existance quite that long, but Gwen & Emory Stagmer were married 20 years on Feb 20, 2007. To celebrate, they've sent their original wedding rings into space!
Click here for more information and pictures!

Specializing in "toe-tapping 'get up and dance' ceilidh music" ( (Washington Post) ). The Homespun Ceilidh Band has released their new album Home.Go to their CDBaby website for purchase information.
Their 1st album (our 10th release), "Spinning Reels" by the Homespun Ceilidh Band, is currently being re-mastered for a re-release (we hope) this summer.
Check it out HERE!!

Band Website is:

Ezekiel's Wheel® wrote and recorded the soundtrack to an independent movie called 'Antigone'. Written and Directed by Scott Stoddard, this short film made the rounds of the indie film festivals in the summer of 2004.Check out the soundtrack here!

UnTied Music is affiliated with BMI, Broadcast Music Inc.
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Don't like the recent RIAA decision to charge all on-line webcasters for the music they play?
UnTied Music will license all our music to anyone who asks for webcasting rights.  

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